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The Village Hall started when William Farne and his sister Mildred Adams sold a plot of land to the Birdham Parish Council in 1951. The Birdham Village Hall was built and then opened in 1954.  The Governing Deed was registered as Birdham Village Hall in 1955.

In 1964 a Scout Hut was built for the 1st Birdham & Wittering's Scout Group. The lease for the Scout hut has recently been renewed (2017).

There was some concern in 1999 that the Governing Document was not up to date and was using some archane language and definitions. Work was started to revamp the Document. The Village Hall was completely repaired and refurbished in 2005-2006. this was a major project.

The result of the revamp of the Governing Deed, was that The Birdham Village Hall was registered as the Birdham Village Hall Trust, with the Charity Commission, in October 2008. This is the document that governs the way the Hall is managed by the Trustees.
Birdham Village Hall

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