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The Birdham Village Hall Trust is a registered Charity (Number 305342) and we are managed by a Committee of Management, made up of a number of Trustees and 2 employees. Refer to the public access Charity Commission Website for some more details.

The Charity is controlled by the Governing Trust Document dated October 2008.

The Committee of Management is constructed as follows:

There can be upto 3 Elected members of the public who can stand at any AGM. There can be upto 4 Birdham Parish Councillors. There are also positions for representatives from the Birdham Parish Church, the Birdham Village Social Club, Carpet Bowls, Bingo and the Scouts.

Officers of the Committee are elected annually by the Trustees, after the AGM. The Officers include Chair, Secretary and the Vice-Chair.

We employ a Caretaker/Bookings Agent and a Treasurer.

The Trustees meet quarterly to discuss the maintenance of the Charity. There is an Annual General Meeting - details of which can be found on this website. Anyone who lives in Birdham and is over 18 is allowed to attend the AGM and the Quarterly Trustee meetings. Please come along and participate!
Next Trustee Meeting
Tuesday 10th July 2018 @ 19:00
in the Social Club

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Birdham Village Hall Trust
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Registered Charity 305342
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