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Want Exercise?

This is when you can get it at Birdham Village Hall.

What Exercise?

Below is what the exercise classes are about...



A combination of Aerobics, Strength and Resistance training. This class will help you manage weight, improve strength and your fitness levels. You will need a mat and a pair of dumbbells.

Beginners Pilates

A classical mat based Pilates class teaching you all the basics you need to know to master this fantastic form of exercise. Pilates helps to prevent injury, lengthen and strengthen muscles and improve posture.

Improvers Pilates

For those that know the basics of Pilates and are ready to challenge their body a little bit more. In this class we will go up to more intermediate and advanced levels and sometimes use a Pilates ball, bands and light weights.

Legs, Bums & Tums

If you want a class that has a bit of everything, this is the class for you! Strengthen the whole body, improve posture and flexibility. Please bring your own weights and mat if you have them.

Men on Mats

This class is specifically aimed at men, it will improve flexibility, core strength and movement using Body Weight and Pilates type exercises.

Mixed Ability Pilates

A classical mat based Pilates class where I wll layer and/or adapt the exercises to suit all abilities. You will need a pilates ball, a matt and a resistance band for these classes.


A low impact exercise to music class designed to enrich your life. It is a gentle but effective workout that flows smoothly through movements to improve mobility, flexibility and balance. Medication in motion! No floor work.


Pricing Options

Pilates: £10 per class / £50 for 6

All other classes: £7 per class / £35 for 6

Alternatively we have monthly membership options for unlimited daytime classes across our venues and online.

To book your space visit www.healthdriven.co.uk or call Heidi Johnson on 07826 924923